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"Promoting and strengthening member owned, member managed, self-reliant and financially sustainable institutions of the poor and the poorest in all the villages of the state for enhancing the quality of life of the members and securing sustainable livelihoods."



" 80% the SHGs will be brought to A grade and 95% Poorest Of the poor would be brought into SHg fold by 2015 via actively pursuing the Institution Building strategies aimed at increasing inclusiveness leveraging on technological interventions that bring in transparency. "



Promotion and strengthening of self-managed and financially sustainable community based organizations that are owned and controlled by poorest of the poor and poor

Providing a wide range of micro-finance products and social developmental services to members on a timely basis for securing sustainable livelihoods and improving quality of life of poorest of the poor and poor

Ensuring timely provision of technical services to the members by developing social capital

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Sustainable development process depends on the active participation of the marginalized and other sections of the society. Community participation and community ownership has resulted

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