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Village Organization

The second tier of Institution Building is the federation of SHGs either at Village/cluster of village's level. The VO operates as a forum to voice the problems of the poor in the village and raises resources required to take up the appropriate development interventions in poverty reduction. The general body of VO comprises of all SHG members in the VO operational area and the Executive committee (EC ) comprises of the first leaders of the member SHGs. The VO will have 3 to 5 office bearers for carrying out the day-today functions and representing the VO in various forums/institutions. The VO will conduct its EC meeting at least once in a month and the general body meeting at least once in three months. The functional committees derived from VO EC viz., POP & SHG monitoring committee, CIF & Audit committee, Bank-linkages & Insurance committee, land, CMSA, Dairy and collective marketing committee, jobs & non-farm activities committee and social development issues committee will ensure the effective implementation of various services rendered by VOs. Based on the scale of operations every VO appoints its own VO Bookkeeper, Community activist and para-professionals.