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SHGs are small homogenous groups. 10 to 20 members from similar socio-economic conditions come together and form a group on the basis of self-selection process at the village level. The SHGs would conduct either weekly or fortnightly or monthly meetings on a scheduled day, time and place. The members save either on weekly or fortnightly or monthly basis in the SHGs and disburse need-based loans to members from their savings amounts. The SHGs access external loans either from Commercial banks or VOs when there is a deficit of funds for financing Micro Credit Plans of members. Each SHG elect/select two or three office bearers who's primarily responsibilities include facilitation of various activities at group level, representing the group in different forums and signing on the cheques. The group's capacity is also built and facilitated, so that they have their own bookkeeper to write the books of accounts of the group. The self-paid bookkeeper is an important prerequisite to the sustainability of the group in long run. Apart from financial activities, SHGs would also identify various social issues viz., dowry, untouchability, child labour etc and discuss in their regular meetings. With support of Village Organization, the SHGs will take active role in dealing social issues and community development activities.